Most of us have come across the term “matcha” – powdered tea. It is traditionally made from green tea whose leaves were darkened several weeks before harvesting 



The phenomenon of matcha is based on the fact that we do not drink the infusion of tea leaves but actually consume the whole plant. We know how good it is to consume an infusion of hemp leaves – now we should realise how good it is for our body to consume the whole leaf, absorbing all its ingredients. All macro and microelements have a chance to be fully delivered to our body, so we can fully enjoy all its health benefits. Hemp matcha in the morning will help us improve our mood without the burden of caffeine, and in the evening, it will help us fall asleep faster.

Hemp has nootropic abilities. Any chemical compound that improves mental performance can be a nootropic ingredient. Hemp meets all the criteria to be classified as a nootropic:

– improves the ability to learn and remember,
– makes it harder to distract us,
– protects the brain from physical and chemical damage,- improves the efficiency of the brain’s mechanisms,
– does not have any significant side effects, which gives it a distinct green colour).

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