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We provide healthy, delicious and organic plant-based food. With a simple composition, non-GMO and with all the richness of nutrients. We are the first company to offer food products containing protein and hemp seeds.

Our products are mainly based on raw materials from Polish friendly family farms. It is from them that this unique process of creating food products with an organic pedigree begins.


Organic, gluten-free food products, powdery flours, groats, cereals, oatmeal , blends and cold-pressed oils.  Moncana is the first plant of its kind on a European scale. Moncana’s own product and private label will be powdery flours with a powdery-like texture which gives them unprecedented uses today, compared to classic milling.


Thanks to our unique technology, we are able to perform contract manufacturing based on dedicated raw material. The wide range of fractionation and purification of gluten-free grains and grain raw materials makes us able to perform the following services:

  1. Purification of grain
  2. Separation of grain from the husk
  3. Separation and purification of germ
  4. Milling from grits to powder fractions below 10 microns.
  5. Extrusion of food as well as feed raw materials.
  6. Creation of private label in 0.5kg, 1kg or 25kg packages.



Contract manufacturing and wholesale of raw materials

If you are looking for specialty organic and gluten-free food products and raw materials then you have come to the perfect place. Contact us by phone at +48 601 161 398 or via the contact form.