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In our business, we use advanced technology based on mechanical separation, optical separation, micronization and extraction with supercritical factor. We are constantly looking for new technological solutions and increasing our competence. Our goal is to ensure the highest quality, safety and purity of products, so in the production process we use many stages of cleaning raw materials through precise mechanical processing, gravity sorting, screening, optical sorting (by color), ferromagnetic separation, metal detection, separation of stones and other foreign bodies, as well as surface scrubbing (dry cleaning). With our innovative grain cleaning technology, we aim to be a leader in the segment of producing healthy gluten-free whole grain products from organic farming.



Cultivation of hemp with high cannabidiol content. Our plants are organically grown and are not genetically modified.


We use a safe, state-of-the-art, chemical-free CO2 extraction process to ensure the purest, broad-spectrum active ingredients.


We test all batches of our products to deliver the highest quality product.


All our products are packaged with the highest stayrnalnościa under laboratory conditions.


Our production lines are equipped with state-of-the-art optical separation equipment. Thanks to this technology, our products have exceptional purity and uniform color.


We are the only one in our industry to use micronization. This is an advanced milling process that is used in the pharmaceutical industry to reduce the particle size of active ingredients. We use it to produce ultra-fine powdery flours.


A multi-stage magnetic separation process eliminates ferromagnetic impurities in our products.


We have modern and efficient packaging lines for doypacks, stabilo bags, bigbags, and robotic sytstems that allow quick and safe stacking of products on pallets.